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Open on Astros ‘Home Game’ Days. We’ve got a schedule but if you want to be 100% sure – check the Astros Game Schedule.

Astros Game Schedule @Home
Astros vs AngelsWednesdayApril 19th7:10pm
Astros vs AngelsThursdayApril 20th1:10pm
Astros vs AthleticsFridayApril 28th7:10pm
Astros vs AthleticsSaturdayApril 29th6:10pm
Astros vs AthleticsSundayApril 30th1:10pm
Astros vs RangersMondayMay 1st7:10pm
Astros vs RangersTuesdayMay 2nd7:10pm
Astros vs RangersWednesdayMay 3rd7:10pm
Astros vs RangersThursdayMay 4th1:10pm
Astros vs BravesTuesdayMay 9th7:10pm
Astros vs BravesWednesdayMay 10th1:10pm
Astros vs IndiansFridayMay 19th7:10pm
Astros vs IndiansSaturdayMay 20th3:10pm
Astros vs IndiansSundayMay 21st1:10pm
Astros vs TigersMondayMay 22nd7:10pm
Astros vs TigersTuesdayMay 23rd7:10pm
Astros vs TigersWednesdayMay 25th7:10pm
Astros vs TigersThursdayMay 26th7:10pm
Astros vs OriolesFridayMay 27th7:10pm
Astros vs OriolesSaturdayMay 28th6:15pm
Astros vs OriolesSundayMay 29th1:10pm

Need a ride?


Built for sports fans enjoying good times out with friends, join us at HTX Fan Tavern and hang out over a beer while you show support for our local teams: The Astros and The Dynamos.

HTX Fan Tavern is located right across the street from the Minute Maid Park in Downtown Houston. If there’s an Astros Home Game we guarantee we’ve got a cold beer or cocktail waiting for you. See you at HTX Fan Tavern!

HTX Fan Tavern

1800 Texas Avenue

Houston, Texas 77003